Trey [noun]

Definition of Trey:

three of something

Synonyms of Trey:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trey:


Sentence/Example of Trey:

He shuffled, buried a trey, and gave me an ace-down, duck-up.

Why don't you change the trey of hearts to the place that suits you?

When Trey told her that he had no idea where her brother was, she believed him.

Presently Portlaw began in a babyish-irritated voice: "I've buried the deuce and trey of diamonds, and blocked myself—"

It seemed a true and honest die, for it came up now an ace, now trey; now six, now deuce.

Avoid carrying many men upon the trey or deuce-point in your own tables, as these men are out of play.

When I was fo'teen mah uncle Gabe learnt me neveh to dooce, trey, or twelve.

She ran the household, but had likewise a decided mania for lottery, and always for the same numbers; she "nursed a trey."

Hollister had showing a deuce of hearts, a trey of clubs, an ace of spades, and a four of hearts.

When it reached twenty thousand francs, Madame Descoings lost her head, still failing to win the trey.