Triage [verb]

Definition of Triage:

pay immediate attention to particular priorities

Synonyms of Triage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Triage:


Sentence/Example of Triage:

These were placed there to protect the triage from Boche airplanes.

We know of no more moving sight than one of the great Triage huts in France when leave is on.

What has here been attempted is a first triage of a part—the essential part—of Gourmont's work, and its logical rearrangement.

Across the road from the triage was a large barnlike structure which served as the terminal of the electric tramway.

Our work in this sector, except that of the triage, was carried on at three advanced dressing stations and a relay station.

With our movement came orders to turn over our dressing stations and triage to Ambulance Company 39, of the 6th Division.

Later, motor ambulances began to arrive and the wounded were started back toward the triage at Cheppy.

This triage evidently had been a most busy place during the great drive on Verdun in 1916.

Not one of our men was even scratched and I delivered my load safely at the triage at Vry.