Trials [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Trials:

Yet, in spite of this and other trials, he seems to have preserved his serenity of spirit.

But Tip never forgot the trials of that day, nor the hard work which he had to endure them.

Ah, never had she known for what trials the infant had been reserved!

Then for the first time he told them his true name and all his trials.

I can enter into your trials and annoyances as keenly as if I had to encounter them.

All the fifteen were condemned, and the trials of the whole occupied an hour and a half.

No affection can sustain these hourly trials of suspicion and reproach.

As the time of the trials drew near every paper in town took up the cry.

It will then only be a bitter aggravation of all my trials, and all my miseries.

Such were the trials of our lovers, and of correspondent worth was the reward they received.