Triangles [noun]

Definition of Triangles:

love relationship

Opposite/Antonyms of Triangles:

Sentence/Example of Triangles:

When I asked the meaning of this, they showed me a triangle.

And he points out that within the triangle was the Svastika cross.

This triangle they filled with a thinner stone carved with two lions.

And directly in front of it are three other stars in the form of a triangle.

They were alone, too, for the Gnomes had not entered the door of triangle.

I mastered twenty-two concertos and even knew the parts for the triangle.

They formed thus a triangle, of which the stranger was the apex.

Drive in three pegs to mark the exact points of this triangle (A,B,C).

He has three dens about one hundred yards apart in a triangle.

Thus the village was a triangle, with the base on the river, and the hill as apex.