Tribe [noun]

Definition of Tribe:

ethnic group; family

Synonyms of Tribe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tribe:


Sentence/Example of Tribe:

His name was Joseph and he belonged to the tribe of the Hebrews.

He sat in the midst of a circle of lamplighters, and was the cacique, or chief of the tribe.

But we saw afterward that it was for the Tribe, and for our wrong the Tribe suffered.

The Medicine Bundle of the tribe is as sacred to them as our flag is to us.

All that is left of the Cheyenne Bundle is now with the remnant of the tribe in Oklahoma.

The Bunerwals belong to the Yusaf section, of the Yusafzai tribe.

These Indians came all the way from the Queneveta mountains, and were of the Maquiritari tribe.

When the Huron talks to the women, his tribe shut their ears.

Had they held their corn feast—or can you say anything of the totems of the tribe?

But who can say that the serpent of his tribe has forgotten his wisdom?