Tribes [noun]

Definition of Tribes:

ethnic group; family

Synonyms of Tribes:

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Sentence/Example of Tribes:

It died just as the languages of most of our Indian tribes have become a thing of the past.

It secures us against all future annoyance from powerful Indian tribes.

Mingwe was the name by which they were known to other tribes, and means "stealthy," "treacherous."

All the Banjaur tribes had been well represented in the enemy's ranks.

These were, however, genuine, and spoke in the name and with the authority of the tribes.

"They are strange to me--I do not recognize their tribes," Kingozi replied blandly.

Thus the four tribes represented in his caravan were supplied.

These also were of tribes strange to him; but of East African types with which he was familiar.

Also something, but very little, about the tribes of savage men.

Mr. Swartout was a missionary to the West Coast Indian tribes.