Tribulation [noun]

Definition of Tribulation:

pain, unhappiness

Synonyms of Tribulation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tribulation:

Sentence/Example of Tribulation:

And the leader of the party wore the wrinkled brow of tribulation.

In joy or in pain, in happiness or in tribulation—gratitude!

My heart makes a noise in me for my country, but the day of her tribulation is near.

That psalms of tribulation be sung with a low voice and long measure; 2.

It had brought to her nothing but tribulation and disappointment.

In 1820 that Society was emerging from a period of tribulation and repression.

The tribulation itself will find all this enormously intensified.

Then began a season of sore trial and tribulation for the class.

He did not know what he was to win by this work of love, amid trials and tribulation.

I have had no tribulation that the Bible speaks of—no buffetting—no tossing to and fro.