Trice [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Trice:

In a trice his huge bulk was safely ensconced in the adjoining one.

In a trice we had galloped past the fortress, through the village, and had ridden into the gorge.

She reached the door before he could stop her, and in a trice she was out in the gallery.

So they mounted their horses and were gone in a trice, galloping to their own camp.

In a trice they were ready and the ladies, wrapped in their cloaks, were in the coach.

In a trice he broke beyond the circle and darted to the control-panel.

And in a trice he was off, as Sally supposed, on his mission.

In a trice there were found good folks to dig the grave and fashion the coffin.

Out of her carriage jumped the lady in a trice, and ran into the smithy.

But now the hounds were too quick, and in a trice they had the cougar surrounded.