Triceps [noun]

Definition of Triceps:

limb, appendage

Synonyms of Triceps:

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Sentence/Example of Triceps:

The ulna must then be cleared, and the triceps divided at its insertion.

It is covered superiorly by the external head of the triceps.

We then shall have an idea of what the triceps is in quadrupeds.

The triceps and radial reflexes were definitely exaggerated.

The action of its antagonist, the triceps, may be studied in the same manner.

The triceps brachii is the chief antagonist of the biceps brachii.

What origins and attachments must the triceps have to make it extend the arm?

The muscle which constitutes it—the triceps cubiti—occupies, on the contrary, a greater area.

In the dog and the cat the vastus externus is the most voluminous of the three portions which constitute the triceps muscle.

But in the other quadrupeds with which we are here concerned it is completely covered by the external head of the triceps.