Tricking [verb]

Definition of Tricking:

fool; play joke on

Synonyms of Tricking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tricking:

Sentence/Example of Tricking:

Once more, Polyphme, you are tricking, you seek all sorts of evasions.

She's a brick, and I feel so guiltily aware of tricking her.

How she had played with him, tricking him, fooling him, outwitting him—and yet loving him.

He is tricking me, I do believe; and to-day too, just when I was so dull and lonely.

Or else this was their way of tricking him into talking freely.

Once outside they might have a chance of outrunning or tricking their pursuers.

Do you mean to intimate that you have been tricking me, sir?

But she knew he had suffered acutely in tricking and lying to Jimmy.

For this set of gentry are adepts in all the arts of knavery and tricking.

By tricking him into a marriage, and then by threatening him if he did not take her to his home.