Trickling [verb]

Definition of Trickling:

run out

Synonyms of Trickling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trickling:


Sentence/Example of Trickling:

At its highest speed this ticking changed into a continuous sound of trickling.

At that moment a trickling thrill went through the American.

The trickling process only lasted until the front door was gained.

In the middle of it some water was trickling from a couple of taps in the dim gloom.

But now she raised her face, down which two big tears were trickling.

Both were breathing deeply and the sweat was trickling over their faces.

Evesham was listening to a trickling of water outside the door.

Little black streams were trickling down the apron on to the dress.

His eyes were shut, and from under his eyelids tears were trickling one after another.

It chilled me to the marrow as I felt it trickling over my back.