Tricky [adjective]

Definition of Tricky:

complicated, difficult

Synonyms of Tricky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tricky:

Sentence/Example of Tricky:

All in all, Gray Peter was a glorious machine; Sally was a tricky intelligence.

If Tricky had lost such a chance he would not have been a monkey at all.

If they put him out of the room, Tricky came in by the chimney.

If they shut him up in a room, Tricky got out by the chimney.

Tricky, therefore, he was called, and as Tricky he lived and—did not die.

I did take him to school with me once—what a tricky young rascal I must have been!

It's going to be tricky, because they must be pretty well scared about that ship.

A tricky girl could have gained her point now on the instant.

"But you must be prepared for war—underhanded, tricky, politicians' war," added Bailey.

Suppose—some one were to be hurt through this tricky playing of Mignon's team!