Triggered [verb]

Definition of Triggered:

cause to happen

Synonyms of Triggered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Triggered:








Sentence/Example of Triggered:

Joe Chessman took his heavy gun from its holster and triggered it twice.

The inner airlock door in the orbit-ship was triggered to a fuse.

Perhaps it was just the sound of the word in his head that triggered off the sudden panic.

The associations had triggered the wrong words into existence.

With you helping, we can isolate the thing that triggered you out of this.

Triggered to slam if a human being sticks a hand in there, eh?

He aimed to the windward of the intersecting lines and triggered the nozzle.

He snatched at one of the autolitters and triggered its tiny drive motor.

And they did not doubt that Kallee had, in some way, triggered the scales against them.

He triggered the bottle and moved from shadow into glaring sunlight.