Triggers [verb]

Definition of Triggers:

cause to happen

Synonyms of Triggers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Triggers:








Sentence/Example of Triggers:

We stood with our guns to our shoulders, and our fingers on the triggers.

Here are six sets of triggers and you must set six dead-falls.

It was horrible to hear him curse and moan as he nursed the set of triggers.

If we stay here in the woods, Triggers'll think we're at home.

Bob applied the muzzles of both pistols to the lock, and pulled the triggers.

Simply,” said the professor smiling, “because you drew both the triggers at once.

They pulled their triggers at the same moment, while I quickly reloaded.

The four men paused with fingers on triggers, looking at him in wonder.

Five triggers were pulled, and five streams of flame darted from the bushes.

The porter chuckled: "My fingers is just a-itchin' fer them lovin' triggers."