Trill [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Trill:

Fomishka warbled out and waited for Snandulia to play the trill.

Outside she could hear the sigh of the oaks and the trill of young voices.

Who teaches the young chipper to trill, and the young linnet to warble?

The only sound he could hear was the trill and chirp of the insects of the woods.

He indulged copiously in the trill, which he produced by shaking his head.

No man will ever be able to say 'Amy,' or to say 'Ginevra,' with such a trill as they are saying it.

Is the alternation of the thumb and the second finger desirable in the playing of a trill?

"No, my dear, not quite," the Dean replied; and his voice had a trill at the back of it like a bird's.

As I reached it, I heard a trill as perfect as Tetrazzini's.

We cocked our ears, but heard not even so much as the trill of a tree-toad.