Trimness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Trimness:

It took, indeed, trimness of apparel to make up for the plainness of his face.

It was to this criticism of “trimness” that Bishop Percy objected.

There was a trimness about it not masculine, a cleanliness not Indian.

When Milton alluded to private gardens, he spoke of their trimness.

This trimness is very medieval and ill accords with brute fact.

There was a trimness about it, an assertive glamour, an air of success, that should not stamp one of the oppressed.

The trimness of the leaf is matched by the neat acorn, whose scaly cup has none of the looseness seen in the burly black oak.

Doubly strange, therefore, did it seem that these should be kept up in all their trimness, that suffered to fall into decay.

She marked the shortness of his hair, the trimness of his beard, and approved Peggy's work, little thinking it was Peggy's.

Some of the cottages are models of trimness and taste, others of course are less well kept, a few have a neglected appearance.