Trinitarian [adjective]

Definition of Trinitarian:

having three of something

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Sentence/Example of Trinitarian:

Here is the inmost heart of Trinitarian Doctrine, as we have seen.

It is not Trinitarian; it is not biblical; it is not technical.

Socially he is a monogamist, religiously he is a trinitarian.

The long truce in the criticism of Trinitarian theology is drawing to its end.

This is not even the division between Trinitarian and Unitarian.

Such, in brief, is what is known as the Athanasian or Trinitarian Creed.

The Trinitarian dissenters are a strong body, and especially strong among the electors of towns.

Thus Athanasius is identified with the Trinitarian controversy, although he was a minister of theological knowledge in general.

The cleavage was already taking place between Unitarian and Trinitarian or Congregational believers.

It is the last of these writers who gives what may be called the Trinitarian form of the divination.