Trinket [noun]

Definition of Trinket:


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Sentence/Example of Trinket:

It is a trinket that isn't of much value only as a keep-sake.

So Badhild gave the trinket to the girl and bade her take it to Wayland.

It did not avail, for she would hot move till she received some trinket.

Struck by a sudden thought, he dropped the trinket back on the carpet.

I must have touched the spot by accident, for of a sudden the trinket flew open.

The Indians were eager to give a nicely tanned buffalo robe for a knife or almost any trinket in the hands of the white men.

I will let you have the trinket for five thousand francs; it is almost nothing.

I am fond of this trinket, but I want to know what is inside.

It was certainly the trinket attached to the bangle which he had given Anne.

She rang the bell, and the maid who had given her the trinket came.