Trinkets [noun]

Definition of Trinkets:


Synonyms of Trinkets:

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Sentence/Example of Trinkets:

She had money of her own—and there were the trinkets Corney had given her!

Do you gather the things I need--clothes, money, trinkets, and what not--to be taken with me.

He also carried, amongst other trinkets, a sword-stick, which he called his 'Tickler.'

I ha' had some two hundred pounds in money and trinkets from your brother.

Hung about it were durable goods and trinkets from a dozen cities.

"But these trinkets prove that Stiger was the thief," said Dan.

And I shall get a little finery by it: trinkets and fal-lals, which I cannot get from papa.

Her store of trinkets and money, untouched in this valley, was abundant for her needs.

The trinkets were submitted to my inspection and duly admired.

It is ornamented by gold and silver offerings of trinkets, rings, and bracelets.