Tripled [verb]

Definition of Tripled:

add or grow

Synonyms of Tripled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tripled:

Sentence/Example of Tripled:

The fire of both sides suddenly doubled and tripled in volume.

In the few hours that had elapsed, the nucleus had tripled in size.

Instead, they had kept to their burrows and, all in good time, had tripled their number.

It is the Icosium of the Romans doubled, tripled, and quadrupled.

In the mean time, let the guards be tripled, and stand to your arms.

In spite of everything he doubled or tripled the numbers of the enemy.

If you'd picked that one, friend, you'd have tripled your money.

Spin after spin doubled, tripled, quadrupled my swelling pile of money.

The German fire thundered out as though it had been tripled.

For although he had very little cash, he had more than tripled his flock.