Triplex [noun]

Definition of Triplex:

three of something

Synonyms of Triplex:

Opposite/Antonyms of Triplex:


Sentence/Example of Triplex:

If there is plenty of power a triplex or three cylinder pump is still better.

A material known as triplex glass had been experimentally made.

We had triplex boosters installed last year, but that comes more under the classification of auxiliary power.

Read, if necessary, some short account of the triplex acies, the usual Roman order of battle.

He had been deprived of his leather flying-coat, triplex glasses, and fur-lined boots.

Both women also bore a triplex of scars down the left sides of their faces.

He is triceps "three-headed," triplex or tergeminus "threefold," triformis "of three bodies," or simply Tricerberus.

The triplex glass used in the eyepieces was a patented commodity produced only in one small factory in Philadelphia.

The chief, who had been inspecting the power-plant, walked along the triplex lead and joined his followers at its terminus.

Wear goggles fitted in a fencing mask, the goggles of thick strong pebble glass or of triplex safety glass (which is lighter).