Tripod [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tripod:

He left the pot on a tripod on a bed of coals, ready for use.

A searchlight was on a tripod at the center, and a spool of electric cable.

He was carrying a piece of machinery that looked like a camera on a tripod.

He dropped the tripod thing in a corner, and sidled toward me.

I spraddled the tripod purposely to keep it from being upset.

The jar is designed to receive within it a tripod and standard (E) of lead.

The fire indeed encircled the belly of the tripod, and the water was warmed.

In the middle of the field a tripod of sticks supported a kettle.

One of them carried the tripod of the gun and the other the barrel.

The man who had carried the tripod had also brought the necessary ammunition.