Trippers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Trippers:

There must be no mistaking an artist from London for a Plymouth tripper.

They do not encourage you to come to Evian in the capacity of tripper.

Tripper (who is proud of his superior acquaintance with a foreign language).

It was far from the track of the tripper, and had not then been spoilt by the wealthy tourist.

A week-end tripper, or somebody with a flourish at each end of his name?

Versailles, and even Fontainebleau, are too frequently considered as but the end of a half-day pilgrimage for the tripper.

Tripper threw up his arm to show he understood, and then lent his aid in getting up the anchor.

When the chain was stowed below, and the anchor securely fastened, Tripper went aft and hauled in the main-sheet.

As soon as the ugly ledge of rocks running far out under water was weathered, Tripper put down the helm.

Tripper was standing beside him, and pointing at something broad away on the beam.