Triteness [noun]

Definition of Triteness:

dull, overused saying

Synonyms of Triteness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Triteness:

Sentence/Example of Triteness:

You don't come it over me with the triteness of these round numbers.

The triteness of his moral climax is occasionally startling.

Triteness is present, but that is to be expected in all amateur fiction.

Brouillard laughed and fell headlong into the pit of triteness.

The triteness of words 'plus sonores que solides' is the second.

And somehow the triteness of the phrase from mother is ridiculously pleasing to me.

He was disgusted with the triteness of this remark, but he could think of nothing else.

The meagerness and triteness of the music and piece astonished me.

He grimaced at the triteness of the words, at the same time realizing that a basic truth lurked there.

Obscurity of expression is merely the cloak in which men seek to hide their poverty of thought and triteness of mind.