Triturate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Triturate:

Empty the sample of soil into the mortar and triturate thoroughly.

Mix the saccharin with the spirit of peppermint, then add the adalin, and triturate.

Add the cinnamon cacao sugar in portions and triturate thoroughly.

Triturate the mass to powder, adding more of the sugar of milk if necessary, to make the weight the same as the extract used.

When thoroughly mixed, add the water gradually, and triturate till a uniform mixture is obtained.

Possibly the whole glyph maybe interpreted by cecelhuchah, “to triturate.”

Triturate the aconitine with the sugar, added in portions, until well mixed.

Then add the spirit of nitroglycerin, and triturate again thoroughly but gently.

Add the spirit of cinnamon and the carmine and triturate again until the red color is perfectly uniform.

Triturate the anaesthesine with the sugar and the spirit of rose, add the carmine, and triturate until thoroughly mixed.