Triumphal [adjective]

Definition of Triumphal:


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Sentence/Example of Triumphal:

Their triumphal entry into Adelaide was a demonstration worthy of a prince.

His path everywhere was made to seem like a triumphal progress.

The triumphal entry of the Austrian uhlans and artillery into Przemysl.

That was the triumphal entrance of "Work" towards a definite goal.

With my husband's departure my triumphal course seemed to come to a close.

Altogether, the journey through the hall was a sort of triumphal progress.

Then we had triumphal arches, and bonfire illuminations, and addresses.

They had a triumphal arch at Naas, with 'Welcome to Barrington' over it.

Their short drive to the railway station was a triumphal progress.

He must accompany his great commander in the triumphal entry.