Triune [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Triune:

I blushed at having said so much, but the triune passion warmed my soul.

This triune structure, as much as anything else, imparts power to the tail.

Thar's been fouten at Triune an' Lavergne, an' all along the line.

Worship, as we understand it, is addressed to the Triune God, and to Him alone.

Difference and identity, implied by triune process of categories, vi.

He has been described as the 'triune god of the resurrection.'

The human body and soul are not so completely one as the Triune God.

The letters which acknowledge them begin with, "Glory to the triune God!"

May the Triune God bless our country, and preserve its integrity!

For the triune man longs for perfection in his triune being.