Troglodytic [adjective]

Definition of Troglodytic:

feeling friendless, forlorn

Synonyms of Troglodytic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Troglodytic:

Sentence/Example of Troglodytic:

Passed a very uncomfortable night in our troglodytic mansion.

With a certain number among us it passes into a state of unintermittent delirium under the name of Troglodytic fever.

There is, I am told, a considerable influx of visitors of a special sort; they wear khaki and lead the troglodytic life.

In fact he thought he was addressing Bickley and playing off on him a troglodytic practical joke.

Apparently they were under the impression that we had taken to troglodytic habits and required none.

Troglodytic dwellings are to be found in many other places in Dordogne (see Cave).

At Meroe and Ptolemais937 in the Troglodytic the longest day consists of thirteen equinoctial hours.

I doubt if ever a troglodytic ancestor of his had been as angry as Rodney was at that moment.