Troll [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Troll:

Here is Arnold of Sowley will troll as good a stave as any man in the Company.

If indeed there was a troll here, and not some harmless fisherman.

"Can and will, my girl," said the troll, picking up a bone to throw at her.

The troll came back from a tunnel after he finished, and said curtly: "This way."

One breath of fear, one moment's doubt, and the troll is free to rend ye.

When you promised to come back in ten years, like a troll, and fetch me!

But there is nothing of the troll about me now I have married Mrs. Solness.

Yes, I certainly think that then you went on exactly like a troll.

Ling had seemed so hairy, so misshapen, like a troll out of Gothic legends.

If they trusted a troll line to his baby hands, he was in a state of beatitude.