Trooped [verb]

Definition of Trooped:

walk back and forth

Synonyms of Trooped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trooped:



Sentence/Example of Trooped:

My aunt called us at this, and we all trooped into the house again.

Lucy Ann retreated before them into the house, and they all trooped in after her.

In they trooped, and, for a moment, everybody seemed to be talking at once.

They trooped into the saloon to square their bets, the Duke going his way to the barn.

But Pete was now going out of doors and they all trooped after him.

Out they trooped excitedly, each delighted in her own particular way.

After that all made an inspection of the bungalow, and then trooped over to the other building.

Angelo Puma was standing by a desk when they trooped in, keeping their hats on.

Then they all trooped back into the morning room which they used for their daily life.

Then the gates were thrown open, and in trooped the feasters.