Trooping [verb]

Definition of Trooping:

walk back and forth

Synonyms of Trooping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trooping:



Sentence/Example of Trooping:

We had entered the garden, and a throng of guests were trooping after us.

And trooping after Daddy was almost everybody in the village.

Do you think I'm going to have them trooping around my cabin?

And now the village ancients and the women were trooping home from church.

These are the things they bring, when you see them trooping to the castle from the valley.

The younger men of the city—as many as were of Greek extraction—were trooping in.

About a hundred of the Frogs in their Sunday clothes were trooping down the hill.

It was noon now, and fifty or more boys were trooping out of school.

All the bells of all the churches were ringing, and everybody seemed to be trooping into them.

All sorts of dark and cloudy thoughts were trooping around her.