Troth [noun]

Definition of Troth:


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Sentence/Example of Troth:

Come, my daughter, shake hands with this gentleman, and pledge him your troth.

Now by my troth, so foolish that I myself can hardly refrain laughter.

Believe me, you will have enough to do: there, I pledge you my troth.

"Troth, an' there's little to see when you get there," rejoined the other, sarcastically.

Troth, and I'll tell you: there's not a man in Kerry could say what's her price.

"Troth, I'd like to see myself charge them with any thing," said she, indignantly.

Troth, no then, yer honor; we've lived here so long we'll just stay our time in it.

"Troth, you're the only gentleman of my acquaintance," said Freney, quaintly.

"Troth, we're worse," said Paddy with a most dismal look on his face.

I drink no more until my cup of troth with the maiden yonder.