Troubadours [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Troubadours:

If poor Troubadour had not cast a shoe, we should not have had this trouble.

Yates walked merrily down the road, whistling "Gayly the troubadour."

With that he was poet, troubadour, orator, as well as very eccentric and attractive.

The songs of Marcabrun, the troubadour, find a place in the list among the stories.

The example of the first Jewish troubadour did not find imitators.

Francis used to cheer them up with troubadour songs and stories.

"True, mother, and I will kill him," the troubadour said suddenly.

Was there ever a troubadour of old who struck upon as royal a castle in his wanderings?

They lighted cigarettes; and the troubadour gaily touched his guitar.

One article secured was a new, fine ham for the pleasure of the troubadour.