Troublemaker [noun]

Definition of Troublemaker:

person who causes a problem

Synonyms of Troublemaker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Troublemaker:

Sentence/Example of Troublemaker:

We don't know whether you're working for him or not, but you're a troublemaker.

Throw that anchor overboard, Wally, and Ill tinker with the troublemaker.

In such cases, Investigations had stepped in and the Martian or Earthling troublemaker had been sent to the rare-earth mines.

Brownie was a troublemaker, Brownie talked too much, Brownie philosophized in a world that ridiculed philosophy.

And she was in the church yet, a troublemaker sometimes, and a disturber of spiritual peace—but still there.

Yet the bloody shirt lingered long as a troublemaker, and was invoked by both parties.

Well, I can hardly be called a troublemaker, and you had a pretty peaceful time with me.