Troubleshooting [noun]

Definition of Troubleshooting:

containment of damage or loss

Synonyms of Troubleshooting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Troubleshooting:


Sentence/Example of Troubleshooting:

They can give customers the option to organize and prioritize devices, and allow you quick and easy ways to check on the signal status and troubleshoot any potential problems.

The pulse survey practice not only has enabled Joslyn and his team to stay attuned to employee sentiment during challenging times, but also troubleshoot problems and solve them quickly.

The studio’s engineers would call actors and walk them through proper setups and troubleshoot issues, but when something went wrong, the actors would have to be the ones to fix it manually.

They’re a bit more complex, but they allow your installer to remotely troubleshoot if you run into problems.

Malvertising issues inside the Facebook browser can be harder for publishers to troubleshoot and reproduce because it is one layer removed from the usual browser experience, Gillis said.