Troubling [verb]

Definition of Troubling:

bother, worry

Synonyms of Troubling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Troubling:

Sentence/Example of Troubling:

Demarest grew grave again, as he put the question that was troubling him most.

It was this memory that was troubling the Little Colonel now.

I was then left alone for some hours and my appetite was troubling me.

We'll have to get his mind off of whatever it is that's troubling him.

It appeared as though something, that had been troubling him, had been settled to his satisfaction.

Silvine, if it's not troubling you too much, I would like to have a tub.

I would talk of what was troubling me, and not try to rend my heart in pieces.

Bailey's conscience was not troubling him greatly, and he seemed relieved.

Jed had made up his mind that something was troubling his fair tenant.

Oh—oh, I couldn't think of troubling you, really I couldn't.