Trounce [verb]

Definition of Trounce:

defeat overwhelmingly

Synonyms of Trounce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trounce:

Sentence/Example of Trounce:

If any one else intimates that you are a fool, trounce him one for me.

No cheek, kid, else we'll trounce you like we've just trounced your friend Plunger!

There will soon be fewer pirates for you to trounce, I hope, my lad.

We're going to trounce your team to-morrow in handsome style.

"Wouldn't I trounce the villain for it," she said, as she continued to apply the lotion.

Hate that old Don; used me very ill; wish I could trounce him.

Oh, I could find it in my heart to trounce that fellow, sister.

It would be just as well to trounce Lord Byron in the same manner.

Here he nodded his head at Jorrocks as much as to say, "I'll trounce you, my boy!"

She still continued to threaten to trounce us, a menace which always provoked us to laughter.