Troupe [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Troupe:

She was expectin' to go with some troupe or other, but she never 'as.

M. Binet did not appear to be in favour with his troupe that night.

It's a sort of last will and testament in favour of the troupe.

When Prue announced the make-up of her troupe there was a cyclone in her own home.

His good spirits frisked about the table like a troupe of frolicsome puppies.

But no more than the troupe of white-collared comedians in Wilhelmstrasse or Washington.

The tenor of the San Marco troupe rose with the prima donna.

At this time there were in the troupe eight sharers, or chief actors.

Shakespeare's troupe is known to have been traveling in the spring of 1601.

If this troupe of terpsichorean marauders was to be dislodged she must have assistance.