Trousseau [noun]

Definition of Trousseau:

clothes or furniture for storing clothes

Synonyms of Trousseau:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trousseau:


Sentence/Example of Trousseau:

It was said that twenty working-girls were engaged day and night upon the trousseau.

So Linda realized that Mary Louise had been told about the trousseau.

Such expenditure, when you have just been preaching economy on my trousseau!

They consulted a long time over the trousseau that should be given to her.

"But we will not discuss my trousseau just yet," she observed, blushing.

Marjorie chose her wedding-dress and was busy with her trousseau.

Miss Viola was busy most of the time preparing her trousseau.

My mother's trousseau was all that a mother-in-law could wish.

Hence I am doing this part of my trousseau in princely fashion.

But what I do hunger for and what I will have is a trousseau.