Truants [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Truants:

A truant one, I fear, though you may have been born in London itself.

I should like to inquire how his son, my truant protege', is going on.

Who shall say but the dove sigheth already for her truant mate?

At that the truant driver appeared, coming at a trot from down the street.

I could see my mother looking from the window for her truant child.

"It should have opened and imprisoned you, as a truant dryad," said he.

I only proposed to send a truant damsel to the Convent to repent of MY faults, that was all!

He was a man grown, not a truant child to be led away by the ear for punishment.

But that, in her delight at recovering her truant, Martin did not notice.

"Allow me to return your truant hat, Miss Patterdale," said Laud.