Truckling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Truckling:

Off with your cap, Snob; down on your knees, Snob, and truckle.

While hunting about, he entered a small room in which were a couple of truckle bedsteads.

Shall we be so vile as to truckle to the enemies of France and show that we can fear them?

I think it's sickening to try and truckle to her because she's so rich.

"She tried to truckle to Norty, too," put in Patricia Lennox.

In order to succeed I must truckle to people who can be useful to me and I ask you to help me.

Why does Orestes truckle to these circumcised, but because they lend money to him and to his creatures?

I began to truckle to him, much as I had truckled to Wolansky.

I have not learned to bend and truckle to your will, doing your bidding like a dog; and, by Heaven!

But Nature is the best writer; she will teach us to be men and not to truckle to power.'