Trudged [verb]

Definition of Trudged:

walk heavily

Synonyms of Trudged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trudged:


Sentence/Example of Trudged:

His protesting team in control again, he trudged heavily behind.

"I hope I get back before the boys arrive," was his thought as he trudged on.

The old man only laughed at her, and trudged away into the forest where no one could see him.

"That's more than I've done to you," muttered Vance, as he trudged away.

So I labored out of the barn and trudged through the grass to the hedge.

"Don't know as I will," he grumbled, and trudged back into the house.

He trudged on, staring straight ahead, now silent and downcast.

So the monkey ate the dumpling, and boy, dog and monkey all trudged on together.

During the day she trudged the streets of Rome and grew to know them well.

They trudged through bypaths where the bushes were gemmed with dew.