Trudges [verb]

Definition of Trudges:

walk heavily

Synonyms of Trudges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trudges:


Sentence/Example of Trudges:

To ride a-horseback is surely pleasanter than to trudge a-foot?

Then deleever it word for word to me, young mon, and I'll trudge off to Frances.

We trudge in the treadmill and call it love of our ancient institutions.

Now I must trudge off and do a little business on my own account, seeing we 'return on Friday.'

But I'll find that man if I have to trudge through the whole kingdom.

Get thee an ape, and trudge the land The leader of a juggling band.

I cannot trudge on foot all the distance through the deep snow.

He and she will trudge for miles to dance at some distant village inn.

You can shoot a bullet a whole mile, and are not bothered to trudge after it.

Let us see them, as they trudge homeward, with their rich prizes.