Trudging [verb]

Definition of Trudging:

walk heavily

Synonyms of Trudging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trudging:


Sentence/Example of Trudging:

Presently he came up to the solitary figure, trudging along, doggedly.

Our camels were trudging to a slow but steady measure on toward the north.

Hubert was trudging on beside her, whistling softly to himself.

She did not look with favor upon girls' trudging out in the storm.

They were trudging on when they were hailed by name from behind.

And I am to go back to the light and to sit there and think of you trudging along in the dark.

They were trudging wearily along, and making but little progress.

And when she was trudging home again, she felt he was coming to share her burden.

The trudging, climbing folk were high above the valley, now.

Climbing was ever more fun than trudging along on the level.