True [adjective]

Definition of True:

real, valid; concordant with facts

Sentence/Example of True:

Is there any other wisdom, than true simplicity and innocence?

Now, all at once, he saw this to be a world in which dreams come more than true.

"In spite of all that, it may be true enough," returned the lawyer, composedly.

That he was unable to do, even if it were true, which he doubted.

No doubt it was true, for she would have insisted on moderate cleanliness and comfort.

I am your true friend, Frank, and I don't want you to get into any trouble.

It is true, Mesopotamia was much smaller than our own country.

As Mr. Sanborn says of her, "she is too real a person, not to be true."

The true remedy is not to be sought in that direction in the one case any more than the other.

It is true there was a fifth farm situated right in between the others.