Trueness [noun]

Definition of Trueness:

faithfulness, dependability

Opposite/Antonyms of Trueness:

Sentence/Example of Trueness:

I learned that obedience and trueness to God will bring us into a wealthy place.

"I don't believe there's any but the one kind of trueness," said Felicity.

The trueness or the falsity is even now immediately, absolutely, and positively there.

The appearance of a dairy depends very much on the trueness, as well as uniformity in hight, of the cheeses.

He possessed a trueness of vision and an understanding of things that were, however, unusual in a lad of his age.

They give to the memory image a feeling of pastness and trueness which the image of imagination lacks.

His training and the trueness of his way of going having been proved, he must next be tried for courage.

Outside these limits, the cheeses are often marketable but they lose in quality63 and trueness to type.

History, he says, is a hybrid form of experience, incapable of any considerable degree of being or trueness.

What a wise man Dickens was to reveal so much sweetness and trueness in the life of such a woman as Phœbe!