Truisms [noun]

Definition of Truisms:

self-evident truth

Synonyms of Truisms:

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Sentence/Example of Truisms:

From the swing at golf to the manner of lighting a match in the wind, this truism applies.

After seeming to hover for a time on the verge of a great truth, we have gained only a truism.

"As above so below, and as below so above," is a truism which we may safely take as our first maxim.

All this is truism; but truisms are often the first things we forget.

I will begin by assuming that it is a truism, and will then try to prove that it is true.

Again, to assert the prominence of Jews as actors is uttering a truism.

That is a truism, but no other saying can apply to what I am about to tell you.

If that's a truism, it's still the truth, as true as the fact that this ship cannot fail.

Do you stop this lecture to say that all this is a truism—a “chestnut”?

It is a truism, that, when one loves truly, one is never satisfied.