Truly [adverb]

Definition of Truly:

really, doubtlessly

Opposite/Antonyms of Truly:

Sentence/Example of Truly:

I wish he were here now, even he,—any one who loved me truly, and whom I could love only a little.

Tell me, Clary, and tell me truly—Do you not continue to correspond with Mr. Lovelace?

And if our flaws are endless, God's love is truly boundless.

Until he has been part of a cause larger than himself, no man is truly whole.

Why, truly, his last will shewed what effect your smooth obligingness had upon him!

I see from her love for you how truly kind she has found you.

Truly a demon had possessed him: might not an angel have been by him as he slept?

Truly then his plea of exhaustion would not be without excuse!

"You say truly, brother," cried the prince, his eyes kindling at the thought.

But now, Sir, on your conscience, do you really and truly believe that you are ill?