Trump [noun]

Definition of Trump:


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Sentence/Example of Trump:

Yet he realized that if a trump card was to be played it must be then.

"To hear what lies you could trump up," replied Kendal boldly.

He behaved like a trump to me once when I was in trouble; and I don't forget it.

The prior's a trump, and as for the bolero, he would dance it.

You are a trump, Lieutenant; sorry am I that I have no sister with which to return the compliment.

And this was a Dawson dance-hall, the trump card in the nightly game of despoliation.

But at this point the trump card he had been concealing in his sleeve was thrown on the table.

I got precious sick of it, though I think he's a trump, too.

“Assist,” or “Help,”—ordering up the trump when your partner deals.

“Euchre,”—when the party making the trump fails to take three tricks.