Trumped [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Trumped:

I led out my diamond ace and Armitage trumped from his hand.

She trumped his best card, and, at the end of the hand, he asked her the reason why.

Is that trumped up, farcical idea, your excuse for fighting me?

And so this charge against my father was trumped up to ruin him.

They would declare I had trumped up the case to forestall my dismissal.

He had not, as Worcester whispered, trumped up the story with Maria Parslet.

The Princess, seeing an ace on the table, thought it came from an opponent, and trumped it.

She planned the thing and trumped up the errand which called you to that house.

All sorts of lies are trumped up by the Democrats about Grant and Colfax.

We've trumped your ace, as you say, and we mean to take advantage of it.